Online/In person Classes

The majority of our classes are taught as hybrid classes, you can come in person or attend online. It is £37.50 a month to join us. You can attend your weekly class AND have access to our recorded classes too.

How does this work?

  • Everyone is in a set class, this helps the teachers get to know everyones bodies and hopefully you get to know others in your class. Each class has it’s own whatsapp group so please do connect with others.
  • Each class is taught in the studio with spaces available to pre-book. The class is also live streamed on Zoom and we have a large TV screen on the studio wall to see you all.
  • Most classes (not all) are live streamed in our Studio members only Facebook group so you can also catch up if you miss your class. This also means you can do more than your one class a week as you can join in with some others!


Mon 9.30am Gentle/Postnatal with Priya

Mon 6.30pm Advanced class with Priya

Tues 7.15pm Pilates with Priya

Wed 7.30pm Pilates with Alex

Thurs 7pm Mixed Pilates with Priya

Thurs 8pm Intermediate Pilates with Priya

Fri 9.30am Postnatal and Rehab Pilates

Sat 9am Pregnancy Pilates

Sun 9.15am Pilates with Alex

Holistic Core Restore courses are also being taught online or in the studio and this has been working really well. The next course is available to book now.

To join classes please email [email protected] or you can PAYG to try a class out for £12: