Beginners/Mixed Ability Pilates DVD…

This DVD is a must have if you want to get toned, strong abdominals. The exercises are designed to help with lower back pain and conditions such as sciatica. Priya teaches over 10 classes a week and works on a one to one basis with clients too, with great results. Now you can have her expertise in your own home!

What Our Clients Say

I discovered Priya’s Pilates classes 18 months ago and been an avid fan of both Pilates and Priya ever since. The classes are small and friendly with plenty of demonstration and differentiation to meet individual needs. Priya is a real Pro at ensuring classes are varied, challenging and fun. She works us hard but only to the ability of the individual and is always eagle eyed in checking our technique is correct and we remember to breath at some point! I really look forward to my weekly class and definitely feel it if I have missed a session.

– Clare

I have been going to Pilates with Priya for over a year now and I LOVE it! The smaller classes mean you get great individual attention from your instructor, which gives you assurance that you’re not only doing the exercises correctly but working out the areas you want to too.

The instructors check before each class to see if anyone is carrying an injury so that they can tailor the classes accordingly and make sure everyone is able to do the correct level of exercises.

Her varied classes mean that there is a class for everyone, from beginners to experienced level. She also offers antenatal and post-natal classes too.

Priya and her instructors all create a friendly & welcoming environment and I look forward to my class every week.

– Jane B

Excellent classes with a very warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere. They are great to improve your posture and core body strength – mine improved after lesson 1! I would certainly recommend these classes.

– Ian

“Since starting pilates I can honestly say that I have not suffered any significant back pain at all. I only took up pilates in an attempt to address a long standing problem but to be quite honest, as well as really significant increase in my flexibility, and core strength, I have been very surprised about the impact that pilates has had on my performance, fitness and recovery from injury.”

“I started with Priya when I was about 18 weeks pregnant. I think that the weekly sessions in the studio made me realise just how important pilates and posture  is especially whilst pregnant  and I always had a mini Priya in my head  telling me what to do when I got home. My core remained strong and my post-operative recovery was super quick and I was out with the pram just a few days in.”

– Liz and Kitty Rose

Coming to Pilates after a car crash….

“The first few months of my Monday classes were very, very painful but I persisted and I’m so glad I did as I am now so much stronger in my back, which is needed when you have a 2 stone son to carry about!! Not to mention my arms, legs and tummy are stronger too! “

– Louise

“I spent five years, a lot of money, frustration and tears on every pain medication the doctor could think of and NONE of them helped. Only pilates helped me feel like me again! “

I love the classes. It feels like a real ‘me’ time and has helped with some of my lower back back pain. I was a bit worried that I might be a bit out if my depth, as I’ve never really done Pilates before, but I definitely feel capable of the exercises and have felt energised and stretched out after a class. All in all, loving it.
– Ani

“My M.S nurse was surprised and delighted with how well I have been doing since starting Pilates. It is definitely making a difference, I am stronger, can move better and have been told to keep doing it. In fact the nurse is recommending everyone does Pilates”

– Claire
I have been receiving 1-1 reformer sessions with Priya for several months and as a Pilates teacher myself, it has helped to keep me strong and free from injury. I can highly recommend Priya for her teaching skills and encouragement during my sessions with her.
– Ann Maree

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your training over the past few months. Priya – you’ve made a massive difference to my health and well-being as well as offering up free, practical baby & pregnancy advice. Your adaptions to standard Pilates have been inspired.

– Kathryn
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