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Priya is a specialist in the field of women’s health and pre/postnatal fitness. One of her biggest joys is sharing that knowledge and spending time helping people learn more about their bodies, how they work and how to fix them!

These workshops provide education, time to ask questions, practical components and time for a you to focus on yourself.

Current Workshops

Pimp Your Pelvic Floor (online)

This is accessible online via our online portal

Kegels and Cakes®

A 1.5 hour workshop looking at how to actually do those kegels, when not to do them and what else you should be doing for your pelvic floor.


Release Workshops

A 1.5 hour workshop focusing on stretching, releasing tight areas, meditation, mobility, stress release and “you time”. If you need to release tension, anxiety or stress in a supportive group of women, this is for you.

Suitable for woman who:

  • Needs some “me time” and to destress
  • Experience aches and pains from life and other exercise
  • Wish to improve mobility and flexibility
  • Want to exercise the whole body and mind

You will be guided through simple homecare strategies that are simple and beneficial  to recreate at home. We work through the entire body improving mobility and realignment.

Dates: TBC