The best pilates in Southampton? I'd like to think we're up there with the best! Pilates with Priya studio, mat workout

The best Pilates in Southampton in 2024?

If you are looking for the best pilates in Southampton then I’d like to think we are up there with the best. Not because our teachers wear lycra matching sets or because we have an ultra sophisticated studio. We are the place you come are you are, workout clothes, leggings or comfy clothes, we don’t mind.

The best pilates in Southampton? I'd like to think we're up there with the best! Pilates with Priya studio, mat workout

That’s because in the Pilates with Priya studio we are all about Pilates (obviously but also community. We want everyone to feel welcome. So at our studio you will find all ages, all body shapes and sizes, all types of people with a common interest. All wanting to work on their bodies staying functional and strong for life. There is no competition, instead these classes are about focusing on your own form and technique so you get the benefits you need.

Why our Pilates in Southampton Classes are so good:

So often Pilates classes can feel intimidating with everyone knowing what they are doing and looking fabulous. If you are new pilates can feel like a new language that makes no sense. When do I breath? What leg is it now? How do I engage my core and breath and move?

We get it! It takes time and there is no pressure to get it all right. In fact Pilates is very much a practice where you are continually learning and finding more to work on in each move. You will likely never perfect a move!

In the Pilates with Priya studio we aim for you to feel comfortable whereever your starting point is. We want you to walk out feeling better than when you walked in, taller, stronger, stretched and supported.

This isn’t Pilates for aesthetics (though it can help with that), but Pilates for strong muscles, for posture, for mental health, for your nervous system, for your pelvic floor and for overall health.

Pilates with Priya Classes on offer:

Our classes include pregnancy pilates, postnatal pilates, rehabilitation pilates and beginner to advanced pilates classes. Priya also works with people on a 1-1 basis providing her specialist skills for pelvic floor rehabilitation, diastasis recti healing and reformer pilates too.

We have men and women in our classes (mainly women it must be said but men are always very welcome too). Currently our oldest member is in her 70’s, we have had clients up to 85yrs, showing Pilates is for life!

In 2024 Pilates really should be on your to-do list.