Priya’s Story

I trained as an exercise to music instructor in 2005 and leapt into the most energetic classes I could teach. Completely loved teaching aerobics and body conditioning and taught at local gyms, teaching 50-80 people per class. Over the next few years I added Step Aerobics and Spin (indoor cycling) to my repertoire and loved the buzz from these. Being an instructor is a lot of fun, I love seeing people enjoy exercise.

In 2009 I was convinced by the gym I worked for that I should train to teach Pilates as they needed another instructor. Being a jumpy bumpy type of girl I wasn’t convinced but did the course. Over the next year I completely fell in love with Pilates and that love has grown.

Roll on 2010 and I fall pregnant… this means a bit of a change to my exercise regime. Suddenly Pilates takes on a whole new meaning and I found that on the days I didn’t do Pilates I was getting lower back pain and shooting pelvis pain. That really intrigued me. Post-birth of my first baby and I suddenly find I have no pelvic floor left and little core strength! Instantly I turn to Pilates and after just a few weeks am reaping the benefits. My baby weight fell off quickly and my strength returned. So with a 3 month old baby we decided to start our first Postnatal Pilates class.

I literally love teaching new mums. It’s such a joy to see them rediscover their core, feel their tummy muscles grow strong and get body confident once more.

In January 2011 I started our first Ante-Natal Pilates class. Since this time we have grown from 1 to 3 classes a week and have a Waiting List. So the classes are definitely popular :) Not only do I work the mums to be hard but we have a good chat about babies and pregnancy too.

Now, in 2021, I have 3 children and my goodness do I need Pilates. With a busy life running 2 businesses, chasing children my back and body see Pilates as release and recovery. I’m lucky enough to teach 12-15 classes a week so I’m certainly kept in shape by it. 🙂

In 2015  the garage was coverted make a bigger studio space. We now teach most classes by the light of fairy lights, in a light, tranquil room. It is most definitely the most chilled out space in our house!

We also have an inside studio which is used for our 1-2-1 sessions and sports massage.

With over 25 classes now running a week, we are sure you will find a perfect class for you.