Getting the most out of Online Classes

Lockdown has really opened up the online world, with gyms reopening are you ready to go back or are you loving online? Personally I love the convenience of online classes and the chance to access workshops I wouldn’t otherwise be able to. There are now so many different ways to access Pilates and fitness classes online. They vary in price, platform and the way they are taught, so which is the best option for you?

Having taught Pilates online throughout the Covid-19 time and having also attended a number of other people’s classes throughout this time too here is my run down on the options.

Live Streaming vs On Demand:

  • Live streaming really does make you feel you are part of something and it can make you attend! If you have it scheduled in your diary and the class is live then there is more of an obligation to be there (albeit on a screen).
  • On demand is fabulous if you have an ever changing schedule, are working around a family or just want to catch up in your own time. In my classes we’ve had children join in, pets and even my chickens made an appearance.
  • Ideally you probably want the luxury of both options. A live streamed class that you can attend if you are able but if you can’t make it then the option to watch it on demand. 

Seen vs Hidden:

  • Having a platform where the instructor can see you can be so very valuable. There are a couple of ways this can be done. A large class will mean you get the interaction but it won’t be very personalised. You will get the buzz and fun still.
  • A small class where you can be seen will mean the teacher can ask you if you have any injuries, adapt the class to suit you, offer corrections and technique adjustments and converse with you. A lot more like being in an actual class. 
  • As a teacher being able to see people brings me joy! As much as I love teaching online I really like to be able to converse with the people I’m teaching and alter the class to suit them as we go. Being able to see how people are moving shows me what needs to be worked on so I can plan this in for subsequent classes. 
  • There can be a real community from Zoom style classes. The chatter before and after connects you together and builds those friendships. Building on this a facebook/whatsapp group can be used to continue the chatter between classes. I’ve actually found lockdown has lead to seeing more people from classes I don’t normally teach and for more connection.

Screen and Access:

  • It can be handy to think about where you are going to do the class and how you will watch it. Your phone screen is handy when you are travelling or not at home but really too small to see the detail. Having a tablet, a laptop or linking to the TV is better.
  • Space to exercise safely can be an issue. There have been some amazing creative solutions over lockdown. Think about an outside space, driveway, kitchen, bedroom floor. 
  • Get your own equipment. Whilst you can adapt and use things around the house it makes it a nicer experience to have your own mat, band and head cushion. It’s like getting new workout clothes, always makes you enjoy your workout more.

The classes from Pilates with Priya are aimed at moving you forward in your Pilates journey, helping you move better and release tension and pain from your body. Therefore we like to be able to see you and get feedback, but you also get our classes on demand for later too. You will often see our teachers up close to the screen getting a clear view or asking how things feel. It is not about just exercise but technique and lockdown has shown that you can achieve that through a screen. Whilst it is always nicer to be in person with some creativity you can get the benefits online too. 

If you would like to join us then please do get in touch. I have 3 tiers of monthly membership starting from just £10 a month.