A few comments from those who have attended classes:

“Just to say I really enjoyed the class last night and I am keen to keep up the excercise of diamond shape hands and lifting as I found it really “freeing” for my shoulder area.”

“I would love some one to one sessions as your classes are so beneficial to me , you have a really fab way of engaging with us all that is so encouraging and informative. I am learning all the time and feel more confident to stretch my shoulder/neck/upper back, now that I am understanding not only the movement, but I feel through the breathing a natural process of engaging with the exercise.?

“Priya provides a relaxed atmosphere in her classes and teaches the different levels at which the various exercises can be carried out. She is encouraging and patient, always making sure everybody is comfortable and able to do the exercises.”

“Really enjoyed post natal pilates today. I could tell I hadn’t done any pilates for a couple of weeks, but feel great now!”

“it’s really helping to tone my muscles and think about my posture when doing aerobic exercise. I love pilates!”

“I’ve just started with Priya and I’d highly recommend Priya’s Pilates classes if you need to strengthenyour back and core muscles.”

“Pilates is like Broccoli….you may not like eating it, but you know it does you good” 

“I am really loving the classes and starting to feel the benefits already! I’m dieting too, but only lost 2lb but on the lower half of my body I have already lost half an inch! Also the pain levels in my knees seem better”