Our little studio is super blessed to have an amazing team of teachers who are not only top of their game when it comes to teaching pilates but they are also caring, wonderful people. Here’s a little insight into each of us.

Priya Tew

Priya started out as a fitness instructor at the gym, taking up teaching whilst also training to become a dietitian. Pilates was not something she ever thought she would train in but she had her arm twisted and has never looked back. Priya’s favourite form of pilates is the reformer (you can book 1-1 sessions with her) and she also is trained in sports massage too. A lover of cooking you will often find her in the kitchen or running away from her 3 children!

Alex Walker

Alex started pilates due to her chronic back pain, that is actually how we met. She started coming to classes and after almost 10 yrs decided to train as a teacher. I’m now super lucky to have her teach at the studio. Alex is so passionate about Pilates and loves a bit of oblique action! She is also an archaelogist and adores cute cat pics!

Mandie Le Shears

Mandie teaches all kinds of different classes and so brings a wealth of fitness experience to her sessions. She is Level 3 Pilates trained through FITT. Mandie is always full of smiles and has such a kind heart that will make you work to the best of your ability and make you laugh too.  She has dogs and lots of children!

Faye Davey

Faye in our ballerina and trail runner extraordinaire. We met in a soft play centre and got chatting whilst our children played! You will marvel at her flexbility but don’t worry she has a lovely way of talking you through and helping you work to your ability! Faye trained at The Royal Academy of Dancing for 7 years before training in Classical Ballet at the R.A.D. It was at this time that she was introduced to Pilates by Alan Herdman and in 2001 she began her Pilates teacher training, qualifying with FITT to gain CYQ Level 3 in Mat Pilates. Faye is also qualified in Holistic and Sports Massage (ITEC & CIBTAC).