Why do Pilates?

What are the advantages of taking up pilates? 

Pilates is an excellent form of gentle exercise which has many physical and mental health benefits. Not only does it help to keep you strong and supple, but it is a great way to relax after a hectic or busy day.

With obesity on the rise and fast-food becoming ever cheaper, there’s no better time than now to kick-start a healthy lifestyle by joining a fitness class. If after seeing an advert for Weight Watchers or Aviva Life, you’ve decided to lead a more healthy lifestyle so you’ve joined your local gym, then why not read about all the great advantages of taking up pilates?

Pilates is an all-body workout 

Pilates does not simply focus on one part of the body like many exercises do. It provides an all-body workout which helps to keep you more supple and fit. Pilates develops your inner core strength by training the body as an integrated whole. Regular pilates classes will improve your overall strength, as well as promoting healthy muscle development.

Anyone can do pilates, any age, any type of person. Pilates is one of the most versatile and adaptable forms of exercise, so whether you’re a senior who’s just starting to exercise or you are a fitness-fanatic, the foundations of pilates still applies to you. There are umpteen possible exercises and modifications, which means you can tailor pilates poses to suit your individual needs.

Pilates tones your body rather than building muscle 

Pilates develops long, lean muscles rather than bulking you out. The ‘eccentric contraction’ stretch helps you to develop long and lean muscles which helps you to stretch and bend more easily.

Pilates builds on your core strength 

By developing your core muscles, you will improve your posture and maintain a supple back. In addition, core training promotes the development of flat abs.


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