Tomorrow is the launch day for new Pilates classes!

So tomorrow I am launching 2 new Pilates classes, I’m very excited. There’s a brand new 45 minute Mixed Ability morning class at 9.55am and then the restart of the 5.30pm Beginners class.

The studio has been swept and the mats given an extra clean in anticipation. I’m a little bit on edge about the baby and whether she is going to stay asleep for the morning class, but my husband is around in case! I’m looking forward to seeing some new faces and learning about some new body types. Teaching Pilates can often be challenging as you face the need to reducate people on postural issues and body shape issues in a gentle but effective manner. It’s a hands on job and one in which I am constantly learning from my clients. Very rewarding when you see someones body shape change over a number of weeks or see their excitement as they realise how strong they have become in a certain area.

I still have 1 space for June in the morning class and 2 spaces in the afternoon class. So let me know if you’d like to come along.

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