The Saw….exercise of the week!

The Saw

The Saw

Saw is an intricate back and hamstring stretch and also works your inner thigh as well as your core (of course!). Its my favourite exercise this week, but can be hard to master. My top tip- ask someone to hold your hips down as you do it so you can feel how it feel when your hips and bum don’t lift off the floor.

Saw is an important lesson in pelvic stability as well. While there is a lot of activity in the upper body, the abdominals must keep the hips still and even throughout the exercise.
Saw Preparation:

  • Sit up straight on your sit bones.
  • Your legs are extended in front of you, about shoulder width apart. If you have tight hamstrings you may need to prop your hips up on small lift, like a folded towel.
  • Arms are stretched out wide to the side, even with your shoulders.
  • Inhale to prepare, then exhale and rotate opposite hand to opposite foot, twisting the torso. Exhale further and make a sawing motion with your hand towards your toe 3 times.
  • Keep your hips level, bum on the floor, pelvis stable, abs drawn in.
  • Inhale and rotate back to centre and repeat on the other side.

Have a go and come and get some advice at our next class….


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