Trainers hung up at 37 weeks. Tips on exercising late in pregnancy.

As well as being a Pilates instructor I’m also trained to teach various other exercise classes. One of my favourites is Step Aerobics. I recently set up my own little community class and have adored teaching my group of amazing ladies. Go back a few months and many of them had never done a Step class before, this week I looked on with happiness seeing how them all getting the moves and putting the steps together like pros.

So at almost 37 weeks I’ve finally hung up my trainers, tonight was my last cardio class (I’m still teaching Pilates) and althought it feels sad my body is definitely telling me it’s time to stop. Having said that it also feels awesome to exercise and keeping active in pregnancy has kept me mobile, well, fit and able to do all I need to do. Here I am after class this evening.

Pilates with Priya: Almost 37 Weeks Pregnant.

Step Aerobics wouldn’t be the class I’d suggest to start up in pregnancy as it involves moves where you stand on one leg and other moves that may not be great if your body is not used to it. However if you have already been doing this type of class then you will be fine to continue as long as you LISTEN to you body and consult your instructor. I have had a pregnant lady in my class who is now 29 weeks and doing really well.

Here are my tips on exercising late in pregnancy:

1. Now is NOT the time to start an exercise regime or take up a new form of exercise but continuing with what your body is used to is fine.

2. Avoid moves that involve twisting, jumping, standing on one leg, lifting the leg out to the side and high kicks.

3. Dial down the impact level. It is perfectly fine to stay active but you will need to bring it down a notch 😉 Make moves smaller.

4. Take regular breaks, drink plenty of fluids and make sure you don’t overheat.

5. If you feel any pain or discomfort then STOP. It is really important to listen to your body.

6. Wear suitable clothing, a decent, supportive, sports bra, good trainers are essential.

7. Ask your instructor for modified moves that you can do in a class or find a pregnancy fitness class.

8. Keep going as long as you feel good and feel like it is doing you some good.

9. Rehydrate and refuel afterwards.

New Step Aerobics Class Thurs 5.30pm Southampton.

Since 2006 I’ve been teaching Step aerobics. I’ll admit it, I was pushed into it as the gym needed an instructor and I was around at the right time. To begin with, coming from an aerobics background, I found teaching Step the most confusing thing, it’s a completely different language, you have to negotiate a Step, make sure you don’t trip up and fall on your face, and there’s the issue of me not really knowing my right from my left 😉


Step aerobics7 years on I have fallen in love with Step classes. I love the choreography you can come up with, I love the fact you can make it either high or low impact and I love the people that come to classes. I enjoy it so much I taught all the way through my last pregnancy (till 2 days before giving birth). To me, exercise is meant to be fun. Who cares if you get the routine wrong, go the wrong way or don’t know the moves? I don’t and I frequently go wrong myself.

So after 7 years of teaching large classes (60-80 people) in a gym, I’ve decided to take the plunge and set up my own community class. I’m hoping a smaller class will mean people get to know each other, get to know me and get to have lots of laughs.

If you fancy a bit of good old fashioned Step Aerobics then please come and join us. Spaces need to be prebooked.

Venue: 286, Burgess Road, Southampton, SO16 3BE.

Time: Thursday 5.30-6.30pm

Cost: £4 per class.