Top 3 exercises for preparing for labour/birth

Giving birth is amazing, scary, hard work, unpredictable, a miracle and beautiful. I’ve only been through it twice and both times it has been a different, but unbelievable experience. I’m completely in awe of how the female body nurtures the baby and then goes through the birthing process. I learnt so much from giving birth the first time that it has shaped the way I teach my classes, with a focus on remembering to practice breathing, relaxing the pelvic floor and releasing tight muscles groups.

So here are my top 3 exercises to help you prepare for labour.

I used hip circles throughout my second labour as I found I naturally wanted to do this movement and it helped me work through my contractions.

The “drop the baby” exercise is the one I so needed to know before baby 1 as I was rubbish at relaxing my core! There are disadvantages to having a strong core 😉

CAT is one of the favourite exercises in my pregnancy classes. It is great for helping release and mobilise tight lower backs and just feels so good when you are pregnancy.

Go practise ladies!



If you want more exercises to help you through prepare for labour, help you through pregnancy and also postnatally then please check out my DVD’s.