The most convenient chicken.

We all know how amazing Pilates is, but also the huge, huge importance of a good diet. Life over here is hectic: 3 children, seeing my nutrition clients (in my role as a dietitian), running workshops, doing my business development, teaching classes and working with 1-2-1 clients…. phew. So I need meals that pretty much cook themselves but are nutritious and delicious.

I must admit to being totally dubious when GSN offered to send me their chicken to try out. It arrived frozen, well packaged with 24 chicken breasts in the one bag. Each breast is easy to get out, they aren’t all in a large lump so you can literally get out as many as you need at a time. The bag does take a large amount of freezer space but my tip on that would be to decant the chicken into serving sizes bags and then pop in the freezer. This way you can stack the bags up and just get out one at a time.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 22.04.15

The chicken is steam cooked and can be cooked from frozen or defrosted and eaten hot or cold. I love the “no need to cook” aspect. I have grabbed this chicken out of the freezer, frosted in my mircrowave and added it to a stir fry to make a meal in 15 minutes. BAM.

The important bit is the taste. Literally I was expecting a watery chicken, but it is juicy and meaty. The whole family were pleased. The only negative point I have is that the chicken is not free range but comes from a British Retail Consortium factory.

Disclaimer – this post is a review, I was sent the chicken to try out. All views are my own.