Come discuss Pre/Postnatal Nutrition on #PPNchat Tues 13th Jan 10am.

Every month myself and the lovely Claire Mockridge host #ppnchat. This is an hours twitter chat for anyone working in the pre/post natal field. Not just pilates instructors but massage therapists, doula’s, personal trainers, chirpractors, osteopaths, yoga teachers, antenatal class teachers, midiwfes, physios, nutrition experts… and this is not an exhaustive list of course.

It can be pretty lonely working in this field as there aren’t that many who specilise in this area, so if that is you or someone you know then come along and join in the fun on TUESDAY 13th JANUARY 2015 at 10am.

We are there to network, , swap ideas, share knowledge, learn from each other and each month we discuss a topic.

This month it is NUTRITION. You may or may not know that  I am also a dietitian, so I’m well equipped to share some tips on this subject. Here are the questions we shall be covering (but feel free to add your own in the chat).

Health Meal, Words Image


1. What are the main areas of confusion for pre/postnatal nutrition?

2. The foods should be avoided in pregnancy?

3. What are the key nutrients that need a special focus on when pregnant/postnatally?

4. Does the body need extra when breastfeeding? If so how can this be provided?

5. Share some healthy snacks and recipes for new mums and mums to be.



  1. Every tweet you send must contain the hashtag #ppnchat (otherwise you’ll be just talking to yoursel
  2. When answering a question, please include ‘A1′ at the beginning, followed by your answer: eg A1 Yes, I test all of my postnatal clients for abdominal separation when they come along to my fitness and Pilates classes #ppnchat
  3. Tweets must be fewer than 140 characters, so keep things short and keep chatting.
  4. Twitter’s tagline is ‘Join the Conversation’, so please don’t be shy!

If you can’t make the #ppnchat  don’t worry – just search the #ppnchat hashtag when you’re next online and connect with those who took part afterwards. We will also upload a summary of it all after the event.

Please help spread the word about #ppnchat on TwitterFacebookInstagram,  Pinterest or via your mailing list.

See you on the 13th at 10am.

Make sure you have a healthy brekkie 😉