Classes and Community

One thing I like about running my own classes is the way I can watch friendships being formed. So in my post natal classes the mums all become great at supporting each other, passing on tips and helping out with other babies. Books get swapped, recipes suggested, cups of tea are drunk (and yes we do also do pilates!).

In other groups that have been going a while there is always that hum of friendly chatter and banter through the class (the banter being at me or from me). Tips get shared, lifts are given to save petrol and too many cars, phone numbers exchanged and now food is shared as I was given a large bag of apples 🙂 Always a great way to make me smile as I’m a bit of a foodie and love fresh produce.

Tonight’s class had me in a fit of the giggles, I do feel exercise should be fun so it’s great when others agree and we take a moment to laugh at ourselves 🙂 Laughter can be a great release and stress buster.

So if you need some stress release in a friendly not too serious environment….come along, we’d love to see you.

Baby carrying and alignment

So I’ve certainly noticed that as my baby is getting older she is getting bigger and heavier. Those of you who know me may well smile at this as it’s a well known fact that I have a petite baby who really isn’t heavy compared to others her age 😉 But the fact remains she is getting bigger and I have been very aware that I need to be using proper alignment to carry her safely and protect my back, pelvis and shoulders. Pilates is so good at helping train your brain to think about correct alignment, it also strengthens your core so helping you lift safely and in my post natal classes we target the shoulders and arms as well. So if you manage to get to a Pilates class you will certainly be helping your body out.

The very lovely Katy Bowman has done a fab video post on how to carry your baby safely and so here it is for all of you, it made me think, hopefully it will help you too:

Babies like Pilates too.

My baby is now 9 months old and appears to have inherited the movement genes from me, early to crawl and now already raring to walk. She often ends up in part of my Pilates classes and by the looks of her in this photo she has been taking notes! Who needs toys when you can chase a roller then roll over it. And who says you can’t exercise with your baby too?!

So next week in post natal pilates maybe we should get the babies doing a workout too.

Pilates a good tonic for sleepless nights.

This week I’ve had a teething baby which has meant little sleep and lots of energy exerted in looking after a grizzly one. You’d think with all of that teaching Pilates would seem like a chore. But not at all. Its totally revived and refreshed me.

And its not just me, I quote a lady from my post-natal class:

It seems that Pilates also cures headaches – feeling so much better now. Thank you Priya .

So if you’re feeling in need of a little pick me up Pilates could be the perfect tonic for you!

After another night of little sleep I’m looking forward to a Pilates and stretching session all of my own later on.

What others think about Post Natal Pilates.

Below is a blogged post from a lovely mummy who attends Post natal Pilates…. Lucy you are awesome.

Since February I have been attending post natal pilates classes with this lovely lady.

There are 3 of us who regularly attend the classes, although this is about to increase to 7.We bring our babies with us and we can pop in and out of the class as and when our babies need a feed or a change. Sometime the babies come into the studio with us, and sometimes Priya’s husband becomes “Daddy day-care” and looks after them.

While Pilates alone won’t help me lose weight (only aerobic exercise and a healthy diet will do that) it does tone muscles. Pilates focuses on your core muscles, and I’ve found over time that my posture has really improved. I’m now standing taller and straighter. It’s also helping me to become aware of my body, posture and core muscles when I’m doing my other exercises, especially when I go for a run.
The other thing I love, is how invigorated and refreshed I feel afterwards. It really spurs me on and motivates me to exercise more.

But if I’m honest, what I love the most about these classes is the good company. As we are all mummies with similar aged babies, it’s great to exchange stories and share handy hints and tips while we work on toning up our post pregnancy tums!