Exercises for combatting rounded shoulders.

Shoulders are one of my picky points. Why? Well firstly because I have had to really work on mine. They have always been a sticking point for me, I remember a Pilates teacher walking down the road with me once saying “Shoulders down” every 2 steps! Carrying, feeding and rocking babies always affects my shoulders and upper back. So I guess you could say I’m a bit picky about shoulders as I know how much it poor posture in this area can affect you.

I would encourage you to look in the mirror at your posture, side on and front on.

1. Are your shoulders level?

2. Are your shoulders rounded?

3. Can you slide your shoulders further down in your spine, so are they too far up towards your ears?

4. Do you stick your ribcage forward? (Ladies, no boob thrusting is needed!)

Here are some exercises to help you strengthen your upper back and focus on your shoulders.

Really good if you sit at a desk for some time and know your shoulderes are suffering. Also brilliant for mums who are feeding, carrying, rocking babies and babywearing.

Pilates with Balls! A free workout Video.

Using Pilates small equipment can add variety and an extra challenge to your workouts. Here I use the Pilates soft ball and some weighted balls. However you can do the whole thing with no equipment, or use hand weights to replace the weighted balls.

The soft Pilates ball is only half inflated and you place it under your sacrum/SI joint (big bony part at the base of your spine). You could use a foam roller in it’s place or just come to the mat.

If you want to buy any of the equipment featured we sell it all through the studio 🙂

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Core Blast Video

Doing Pilates once a week is awesome. But you know what is even better? Doing Pilates inbetween your weekly classes 😉 You could take up an extra class or you could do some at home. If you already have my amazing DVD (I’m that modest) but find you can remember the moves from class later in the week then have no fear. I am working on bringing you regular videos using the moves we have worked on in classes.

Here is the first one…

We recently used a series of moves that originated from a double knee fold. It went down well in class and people fed back that they were feeling it a few days later. So I’ve filmed part of that class.

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Now go do it.