Pilates, Calories and Weight Loss.

Can Pilates help you lose weight? Absolutely. Will Pilates help you gain that lean, scuplted body. For sure.

So what is the catch? Pilates alone won’t help you achieve these aims. Combine Pilates with a healthy diet and some cardiovascular exercise and you will get there. Bear in mind that 1 Pilates class a week is a good start but isn’t going to achieve those aims all on it’s own. See my tips on doing Pilates at home.

Pilates is one of those types of exercise that I think is hard to quantify. Each class is so different. Some of the classes I teach focus more on stretching and releasing then strengthening. Other classes have an intense core focus. It absolutely varies from class to class and it really depends on how hard you work in the class. The simplest exercises can work you very hard if done with good technique. So when thinking about how many calories a Pilates class uses I would say it depends on:

  1. How long you exercise for.
  2. How intense the session is.
  3. Your Pilates technique.

The average calories burnt for an hours Pilates session is quoted on the internet is 200kcals.

How many calories does Pilates burn?

Pilates will help you tone up, improve flexibility and improve your core strength. You will be stronger, leaner and more body aware from regular Pilates. It will help with weight loss but not on it’s own. For the best results make sure you combine your Pilates with other cardiovascular exercise such as running or aerobics.

For example I teach and do a lot of Pilates but I combine this with Step aerobics, running, weight sessions and general running around after small kids.