Life with 2 kids

The past 15 months has actually flown by in a mix of sleep deprivation, adrenaline and frenzied activity including Pilates. Having my second baby has meant that I’ve found a lot of things easier in terms of understanding my baby’s needs, realising why they are crying and knowing top tips like how to occupy a mobile baby when you need them to lie still for a nappy change (give them your phone) and to never throw them in the air after a feed, unless you like a milk explosion in your hair.

Pilates with Priya: my crazy family

What have I learnt?

That having 2 kids is twice the work, twice the sleep deprivation but four times the pleasure. I’ve so enjoyed watching my 2 get to know each other. From the moment her little brother was born Miss K has loved spending time with him and now he reciprocates that. Watching how their faces light up when they see each other is just beautiful.

Boys are cheekier, move faster, get into more mischief but give more kisses and cuddles! Today I’ve had a toothbrush in the toilet, porridge in my hair and found him standing up at the kitchen sink trying to wash up.

Changing a boys nappy is different to a girls 😉

Second baby means you are even more sleep deprived as you wake up with both children and cannot nap in the day. My best moment recently was getting a lift home with hubby and not realising for over 24 hours that I’d left my car the other side of the city. Thankfully not in a car park or that would have been a big fine!

I can juggle a lot of things at once, most of the time. Some days it gets too much and I just need to ask for help. You know what? That is ok. Find friends who you can be yourself with, hang out with warts and all and who will be there at those times.

Children break you – in the nicest posssible way. My patience has been tested to it’s limits, my teaching skills refined and my  body pushed, pulled and climbed upon. I lift, carry, throw and move heavy people daily. Pilates fixes me and my children break me. It’s an ongoing battle.

My studio is my haven. In there, it is usually peaceful 😉

Top Tips:

Relax into the carnage. Your house will be a mess but your children are making memories and you don’t want to miss those moments. The second you tidy up there will be a child filling the space.

Keep a camera ready at all times. Thank goodness for my phone. Capture those funny times.

Embrace the moment. They really do grow up so very fast. You don’t want to miss it. Even when you’ve been rocking the baby for an hour, feeding most of the night or have to cancel something as the toddler is ill – I try to see the positive. I get to spend more time with them whilst they are little.

Prepare ahead as much as you can. If I have a hectic morning I will even put the cereal in bowls the night before. If you want to eat healthily then cooking in bulk and meal planning really helps. However as much as you prepare ahead, there will be times a nappy explosion comes at the wrong time and you are just late!