Pilates on Holidays

We’ve just been on holidays – 2 weeks in sunnier climates, time to eat well, relax well and almost sleep (I have a toddler – enough said). For some people holidays are all about switching off and lazing around. My body can only take so much of that so I travelled half way round the world with: my trainers, running kit, some Pilates DVD’s and a resistance band. My husband rolled his eyes. I ignored him.

I spent a lovely afternoon playing around in a gym, with my laptop and reistance band. Watching other instructors teach always gives me fresh ideas and makes me question why I teach things in certain ways. I love to learn, develop and keep things alive. Not only did I get more inspiration but I got a workout and relaxed all at the same time. WIN WIN.

Now I’ll admit I didn’t go for a run – I usually do on holidays, but I don’t usually have a toddler with me. This particular toddler gave me workout enough, my arms should be super strong from much carrying, dancing and rocking. We also had an active holiday with crazy train journeys, much, much swimming, jumping, chasing and playing.

What I did enjoy was a few snatched moments of making up new Step Aerobics routines in the bar, trying out Pilates exercises with variations on very hard floors and using my core whilst stood rocking a small, yet heavy one to sleep.

Do you exercise whilst on holiday? Or am I just mad?