Mummyhood: Finding your identity

Becoming a mummy is the most exciting and nerve wracking thing I have ever done. Told me it would change my life, to be honest I shrugs that off not believing them. Now I completely agree. Life has changed, pretty much everything is different now that I have children to think about. It it changes how I shop, where I go, who I’m spending time with, what I wear and what I eat.

Pilates with Priya - mummy

In the midst of the baby sick, playing with Lego, making snacks, doing the school run, teaching pilates and trying to stay in some control of the house, it can be all too easy to lose sight of one person. Now I have these wonderful, beautiful children who are need so much on me, who am I?

Pilates with Priya - 3 amigos

As a parent (I was going to say mum, but it’s not just mums is it) I think it is all too easy to lose sight of our identity and be all consumed by the small ones. Yes, to some extent we have to be consumed by them, they do become our world. However it is important to somehow keep your sense of self as well. Knowing who you are, how amazing you are, having your own sense of style, chatter and being will keep you alive. I well know how draining life with small children can be. On those days when I feel like all the life is being sucked out of me, it is then I know I have to dig deep and find me. The me that loves to dance, the me that likes to sing about anything and everything, the me that like colour and quirkiness. The me that likes to bake, loves markets, loves travel, loves the sun.


This blog has come out of me at a point where baby 3 is almost a year. The tiny baby phase is passing, I can leave her with someone else and have a few hours to myself. That feels strange. What do I do with child-free time? It’s exciting to think about who I was and who I want to be now. I challenge you as a mummy to rediscover yourself and develop that new identity.