Pilates and Diabetes.

Recently we spent the day at the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation’s Wellness Day in Southampton, where we basically hung out and chatted about Pilates 🙂

The team that run these days are a joy to work with, they are always laid back but well run affairs, the delegates are particularly well looked after and the educational session run are filled with great speakers and information. So we were delighted and honoured to be asked to be there. I was there to give a talk, demonstration and we had a table with a selection of our DVD’s and Pilates info.

Pilates in my mind is suitable for almost all population groups as it is such an adaptable form of exercise, you can tailor the exercises. Diabetes can be a debilitating and difficult to manage condition unless you have the right support. Diet and exercise really are key to good management. Here is a summary of my top 5 reasons Pilates can help in Diabetes:

1. Pilates provides a gentle yet effective way to exercise, it’s great if you are concerned about exercising but know you need to start .

2. Some exercises can help stimulate the nerves in the feet, for example spiky ball under the feet, this could help with neuropathy prevention.

3. Exercises can be performed seated rather than lying down, no equipment or gym membership is needed.

4. Pilates improves mobility, flexibility and muscular strength.

5. Combining Pilates with a healthy diet and some walking will help with weight loss.

I spoke to about 100 people, had them all on their feet mobilising and finding their core! We had some fantastic feedback and lots of questions.

My Antenatal Pilates DVD went down very well as it is based on seated, stood and side lying exercises, so although I’ve marketed this as great for use in pregnancy it is also fabulous for older populations and those who want to do Pilates but don’t want to lie flat on their backs or tummies.