It’s all about building community: the first pre/postnatal #ppnchat.

Yesterday myself and Claire Mockridge hosted the first Pre/Postnatal Chat on twitter. There is a real need for education in this area and those who work in the field can find themselves a little isolated. So this chat was all about connecting people, sharing tips and information, learning from each other and thinking about how we can build community for our pre/postnatal clients and how we can work in our local community.

Here is a transcript of our first chat


Pilates with Priya: Almost 37 Weeks Pregnant.
My second baby bump at 37 weeks after a Step Aerobics class 😉

We had a great response, THANKYOU to all who tweeted along with us, the hour went fast! I loved meeting some new faces and am already looking forward to the next one.

Save the date:

Tuesday 9th September at 2.30pm

Use the hash tag #ppnchat

More details on the topic and questions to come!



New Ventures

This week it’s been all go in the studio. The redecoration of one wall has been completed (rest of the walls will be done in stages as my handyman has to work around classes!). It’s looking fresh and I’m itching to get something arty on it. Ideas welcome.

The filming of our first Pilates video has been completed too. It’s currently being edited and then I need to do a voice over on it, but so far the edited bits I’ve seen look good. This video is for all of you who come to classes and want to do some Pilates in the week and also for anyone who is interested in trying Pilates out at home. It’s not aimed at taking the Pilates world by storm but is more about catering for those who aren’t that into big fitness fads and just want a friendly voice to talk them through their exercise at home. Here’s a few photo’s of the film star in action….

Roll Back
Single Leg Stretch

Excitingly this week a new instructor has also started working with me – Faye is taking the Wed 7pm class. She is also an advanced Level 3 instructor with a caring, lovely nature who will talk you through Pilates and ensure you do it correctly. In fact I’d definitely say she is nicer than me! I’ve been quite mean in my classes this week with planks to side plank rotations and some nasty variations on press ups 😉

New ventures being planned include a makeover on my website and the studio is going to have some proper storage built in, so long wobbly bookcases!!

I’m excited….can you tell?

Classes and Community

One thing I like about running my own classes is the way I can watch friendships being formed. So in my post natal classes the mums all become great at supporting each other, passing on tips and helping out with other babies. Books get swapped, recipes suggested, cups of tea are drunk (and yes we do also do pilates!).

In other groups that have been going a while there is always that hum of friendly chatter and banter through the class (the banter being at me or from me). Tips get shared, lifts are given to save petrol and too many cars, phone numbers exchanged and now food is shared as I was given a large bag of apples 🙂 Always a great way to make me smile as I’m a bit of a foodie and love fresh produce.

Tonight’s class had me in a fit of the giggles, I do feel exercise should be fun so it’s great when others agree and we take a moment to laugh at ourselves 🙂 Laughter can be a great release and stress buster.

So if you need some stress release in a friendly not too serious environment….come along, we’d love to see you.