My Top 3 Pilates Exercises for Pregnancy.

I’m a huge fan of Pilates during pregnancy, it really kept me strong, active and held my pelvis together throughout 2 pregnancies. In fact in my second pregnancy when I was teaching 11 Pilates classes a week and doing Pilates daily I had no lower back pain or pelvic pain. It  really does work!

So here are my top 3 Pilates exercises to do in pregnancy. These were filmed when I was 34 weeks pregnancy myself and are safe to do throughout all 3 trimesters of pregnancy and after birth too.



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Babies like Pilates too.

My baby is now 9 months old and appears to have inherited the movement genes from me, early to crawl and now already raring to walk. She often ends up in part of my Pilates classes and by the looks of her in this photo she has been taking notes! Who needs toys when you can chase a roller then roll over it. And who says you can’t exercise with your baby too?!

So next week in post natal pilates maybe we should get the babies doing a workout too.

Pilates a good tonic for sleepless nights.

This week I’ve had a teething baby which has meant little sleep and lots of energy exerted in looking after a grizzly one. You’d think with all of that teaching Pilates would seem like a chore. But not at all. Its totally revived and refreshed me.

And its not just me, I quote a lady from my post-natal class:

It seems that Pilates also cures headaches – feeling so much better now. Thank you Priya .

So if you’re feeling in need of a little pick me up Pilates could be the perfect tonic for you!

After another night of little sleep I’m looking forward to a Pilates and stretching session all of my own later on.