3 Pilates Myths

Pilates will lead to weight loss

A myth and not a myth. Working hard at Pilates several times a week will help with weight loss and will help keep you strong, toned and lean. However most people will only do 1 class a week.

Pilates will burn calories, but not as many as other forms of exercise. Like all forms of exercise you get out what put in. A pilates class can be hard work, leaving you with an elevated heart rate and a warm glow. Or you can do a class that is more for relaxation and gentler core work. Both will provide benefits, the former will lead to greater calorie burning.

Doing Pilates once a week will not lead to weight loss on it’s own. However as part of a co-ordinated approach, with a healthy eating plan and other exercise it will definitely help. It acts as the foundation for other exercises and gives you that core strengthen and abdominal definition.

Use Your Core

I also remember working with one overweight lady who proudly told me how her husband had commented that he could now see her abdominals. What had happened? She hadn’t dramatically lost weight but her core was stronger and that line of definition was her obliques.


Pilates is only for girls

Ummmm No. Pilates was designed by a man and used initially mainly for men. Joseph Pilates used his new exercises to help soldiers rehabilitate after war injuries. Later on Pilates was embraced by the dancing world and became seen as more of a female exercise programme. It was hijacked by the women. A smart move by them but the men are missing out!

Pilates with Priya: Joseph Pilates Rollover

Plenty of male athletes use Pilates as part of their training. In fact it is now being used by football clubs and rugby teams in their warms ups and strengthening routines. If you need core strength, flexibility and function, you need Pilates.

Our mat classes incorporate whole body exercises such as The Press Up and  Leg Pull Back. These go down well with our male clients, but I also find they love to stretch and really need to do so. I’ve worked with manual labourers, businessmen and sports players. We are so fortunate that we now get a range of men into our classes and it adds a really nice vibe.

After years of me teaching Pilates my husband has recently taken the plunge and is now taking classes, no not taught by his wife 😉 He is hooked and never misses his weekly class.


Pilates is just for the abdominals

Pilates is definitely for the abdominals, but that is not all it does. Since jumping into running a studio and teaching pretty much daily I have noticed a huge difference in my body. Yes, I have abdominals with nice definition (when I’m not pregnant!), but my whole physique is leaner, more toned and I am stronger. Which for me is so much needed when I’m lifting children and running a busy business. My aches and pains are kept under control as I know how to fix myself, I know which muscles need a stretch, which need a strengthen and what I need to correct in my posture.

You may get abs of steel from Pilates, but you will get so so much more than that. When a client can suddenly touch their toes or do an exercise they couldn’t do for the first time, it is exciting, suddenly they see a change in their body.

Muscles of the Trunk

Pilates will help you do your everyday life better and stronger.