Southampton’s Newest Pilates and Wellness Studio is LAUNCHED.

It’s been a flipping exciting week. Opening our new BARN studio has been so much fun. Now the studio is actually our garage but for a few hours a week we have now tranformed it into a tranquil space that is already being loved by many. It was a fantastic excuse to have a party and throughout this week we will be having a giveaway each day!


It may surprise you to know that we didn’t actually set out to have a Pilates business. This business came and snuck up on us and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Priya started doing her Pilates training in 2009 and began 2 community classes. After having her daughter, James came up with the brilliant idea of using a room in the house for classes to help with looking after the baby. Word of mouth led to there soon being a waiting list and more and more classes were added to the timetable. So it came to the point where there are 2 children and an awful lot of classes. We knew we had outgrown the room in our house!

Pilates with Priya: first class in the new studio

THANKYOU to everyone who has given us encouragement with this project, those who have given us feedback and all who came to the party. We feel truly blessed to have such wonderful clients, may of whom are friends too.


This studio will be used for many things including Pilates, ballet, step aerobics, pregnancy classes, nutrition and dietetics, massage therapy and possible counselling. But most of all it is a space for you all to enjoy.

Pilates with Priya: the BARN studio