So this is what makes me love teaching Pilates…

It was week 2 of my new Thursday classes yesterday which meant I got to catch up with people and hear their feedback on their first Pilates session. I love feedback, I find it really helpful to know what’s working and what’s not. The classes I teach aren’t for me they are for my clients, so need to be hitting the right balance of enjoyment, challenge, and hard work.

The feedback I had yesterday was how relaxed and well people had felt after their first session and how the second session was much easier in terms of they felt they understood more of what to do. Being a beginner in Pilates is hard! There’s so much to learn, a whole new language of exercises, ways to hold your body, breathing, muscles to find and people to meet. It takes a while for all of that to become second nature, but once it does it is well worth it. But often after just 1 session Pilates makes you feel different, I love that. I also love the fun of teaching beginners as they discover a whole new way to exercise and think about their body.

The other thing I love is getting to know people. Teaching small classes and one to one’s means you get a chance to talk to people and build friendships. Friendships also start up between class members and classes that start out quiet with no talking turn into laughter and jokes over the weeks.

Do you need a new challenge? Some new people to get to know?

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