Sleeping babies and Pilates.

Finally the day came when my beautiful baby slept all the way through a post-natal Pilates class NOT in a sling but on a bed! As much as I totally love my baby girl, it did feel good to have the freedom to teach the class and take part a little bit without having a baby attached to me restricting my movement. Plus, Pilates with a baby in a sling is HARD WORK! I wouldn’t recommend it as it definately alters your posture and puts extra strain on your back. I only demonstrate 1 example of the exercises and in some cases don’t demo at all but talk the exercise through and correct people as we go.

Even more amazingly all the babies who came to the class yesterday were angels and happily played in the lounge with Mr Daddy day-care (James). He does an amazing job keeping the babies happy, changing nappies, giving cuddles, helping them sleep, wearing them in a sling, singing, whatever is needed! It was lovely to hear a few notes of a song and gurgling babes. This meant the mummies were happily able to do do a whole hours Pilates session with no interruptions and I was able to work them quite hard (I hope they are all feeling ok today!). Mummies you all did a excellent job. Let’s remember this session when we get a week when all the babies are grizzling!!!

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