Rolling away those aches.

I’ve finally treated myself and bought some Pilates rollers. Funny way to treat myself I know, but I do love rollers. For those of you now in the know this is a roller… you lie on them on your backs and they make you more unstable so its harder work doing your basic exercises.

Photo of me on the roller to follow, the baby isn't quite able to take photos yet.

This week I’ve introduced them gently to most of my classes. Monday evening (the rowdy lot) I went in to find one person stood on their roller, one person with one above their head and lots of giggles. I’m not 100% sure how the rollers went down with these guys, there were a few mumbles that they were too firm to lie on, and they certainly made people concentrate hard and work hard as there was little of the usual chatter going on. Hopefully over time we shall get used to them in class. So far we’ve just done very gentle exercises on them, but will hopefully work up to removing both legs from the mat and doing some One leg Stretches etc…

As I had a smaller class for post natal Pilates we also used the rollers. I wasn’t sure how this would go down but the mummies loved them. Mainly because of the way you can hug the roller with your shoulder blades and get a really, really good upper back stretch. Gets rid of the breastfeeding/carrying baby tension. I think these will be coming out regularly with this class.

After all the fuss my husband was keen to join in so last night he had a bit of roller action too. He actually quite liked just lying on them. Bit of a funny scene as the two of us just lay stretched out on the rollers for a while, till baby Tew needed some cuddles, then she came in too and watched mummy demo some moves. I am the family entertainment.


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