Pilates with Babes is going well

Post Natal Pilates for mum and babies has now been running for 5 weeks. I’m loving these classes, its a bit loud, at times a bit chaotic, a bit messy but lots of fun and it means mums get a chance to do some exercise without needing to worry about a babysitter. James is there to help with babies and has been know to be surrounded by a sea of car seats, rocking them one after another! Today he was playing with a toddler with holding another babe and rocking a car seat…and they say men can’t multi-task!

So if you are having a baby or have recently had one and fancy it, please do get in touch. Its also a great place to meet mums and get some tips.

Priya x

As for me, I teach the class with my baby in a sling on my front, it certainly makes Pilates a lot harder to do and is something I hadn’t expected to be doing.

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