Pilates rejuvenated me today

So having a 6 month old baby can be tiring.. as gorgeous and well behaved as she is there are times where the sleep deprivation and constant nature of a baby can take it’s toll and leave you feeling rather knackered. After a few nights of 4 hours or less sleep I was feeling particularly weary today and baby brain was setting in fast.

It was time for post natal pilates, a small class today but my goodness was it a good one! Working with people over time means you get to know their personalities, their bodies, their abilities and their attitude to exercise. So today I was able to push the class hard and push myself as well. As the instructor I don’t expect to be able to do that much of a class, but sometimes it just works that I can. This was one of those days, in fact its been one of those weeks! We focused on core strength and the triceps plus the outer thigh (abductors). By the end of the class I felt totally refreshed and like a new woman.

An extra bonus today was the babies were stars and happily played with James for the entire session! Yay babies 🙂

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