Pilates in Pregnancy

So as will know, if you attend my classes, I’m most definately pregnant now, so it seemed like a good topic to blog on.

Pregnancy changes the natural curve of your spine and mine has most definitely curved in more in the lumbar (lower) back region. This is a normal occurrence due to the baby sticking out the front so the back compensating! However it does leads to some back pain. My Pilates has really helped reduce this pain, especially if I do a few exercises before bed.

I’ve found Pilates really helpful all the way through my pregnancy. In my first trimester I could do all the exercises and felt I was strengthening my muscles ready for the baby to grow, in the second trimester I had to adapt a little but have found new exercises to add in and have really enjoyed teaching in this time. Now in the third trimester I’m certainly slowing down so Pilates is perfect for those evenings when I want to do some exercise but know I shouldn’t be doing anything with too much impact.

For me the benefits have been – stronger core muscles and a smaller bump making it easier for me to keep going for longer, reduced lower back pain, exercises I can do at home reducing my time at the gym (when you teach a lot of classes you don’t always fancy a gym session!) and hopefully nice, strong pelvic floor muscles to push baby out!

So if you have any pregnant friends or know people who have recently had babies, Pilates is definitely something to recommend to them, and something I can help them with.

See you soon, Priya.

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