New Class Idea

So as well as Pilates I also teach/can teach aerobics, step aerobics, body conditioning and toning, spin and circuits. My favourite classes are Step and conditioning classes. Currently I teach Step twice a week, however thats going to be reduced to once a week due to it being holiday time. Now I always miss that second class when its not there, as not only do I enjoy teaching it, I also enjoy doing it! Which got me thinking, maybe I could put on a similar class in that time slot to fill the gap. Now my Pilates studio is tiny so if I ran it at home I could only take a handful of people 5-6 I think, but if there was enough demand I know a couple of decent halls to hire. Hmmm.

So here’s the question…anyone interested in a class on a Thursday and what type of class? I don’t currently have Steps (apart from one for me), but some of you may have them lying around at home or I could maybe try to borrow a couple. Alternatively I could run a body conditioning class using low impact aerobics moves, resistance bands and free weights. Anyone up for it?

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