First week in the new studio

So after finally taking the plunge and converting our front room to a little Pilates studio its been really exciting to have my first classes in there. The room itself only takes 6 people plus me, but that’s actually a lovely sized class so everyone gets help and advice from me and I can see what everyone is up to….so no more hiding in the back row! Its nice and quiet compared to the place we had been using plus has the added bonus of all equipment being on hand 🙂

Monday night the mixed ability class went well, my husband asked if we even did any pilates as all he could hear was laughter! I hasten to say that this class is a fun filled one and they were all working hard just giving me plenty of back chat with it!

Tuesday saw the post natal class with mums in the pilates studio and babes in the lounge with James. It was lovely to have so much space for the babes to roll about it and hear them gurgling whilst mummies had more time to get on and do some pilates in peace. Plus we had the added bonus of a cuppa afterwards.

This morning I had some one to one Pilates clients and tonight its a beginners class. So a pretty full Pilates week, but I’ve even managed to fit in my own personal Pilates as well which has been so needed and enjoyed.

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