Fadilates. My new Pilates concept.

The fitness world is evolving at a fast pace. There constantly seems to be another new fitness concept out or a new fusion franchise. Keeping up with all the new concepts is impossible. Some of them seem inspired and some incredulous!

I’ve often joked in classes that to make my millions I should start up my own fusion of some variation on Pilates:

Tropical Pilates – because I actually like the humidity and our studio often gets pretty warm.
Winolates – Pilates with a glass of wine, it could be a winner.
Barefoot Step – I’ve started teaching barefoot and love it (though I wouldn’t advise you do this until you are used to being barefoot and have built up to it).

Do you know the reasons I wouldn’t create my own fusion franchise right now?

1. I don’t have the time, if our studio is this busy teaching pure Pilates then something is working.

2. I believe in the pure form of Pilates too much. Joesph Pilates knew his stuff.

3. I’ve been around a bit in the fitness world. I’ve see fads come and go and throughout I’ve stuck to my guns as a freestyle instructor in aerobics, step and Pilates. Being free and able to adapt the class to suit their needs is key.

Yes I love adding in variations and using equipment to keep things fresh. Plus many fusion classes can be great, don’t get me wrong… But mixing 2 concepts together to create something new can also dilute things down. Something this can be great, not so for Pilates. I don’t want to dilute the effects of Pilates.
I also don’t want to be tied into teaching a certain way, using specific music, following a preset class or using a brands style. I love to learn from as many places as I can and am continually updating my repetoire and watching others teach so that I can bring new approaches, new descriptions, new variations and new thought processes to my classes. It’s not about 1 concept for me, it’s about translating Pilates to the people I teach in a way that helps them.

Fadilates: my new Pilates concept

Teach the body you have in front of you in the best way you know how.