Exercising Babies!

So my baby is pretty amazing in my book. Tuesdays are always a busy day as I have a one to one Pilates session, a post natal Pilates class and Step Aerobics. Normally Daddy day care is around all day, he keeps the babe asleep whilst I go out to teach in the morning and he looks after all the babies for our post natal class. So I was a bit anxious about  the day without him, especially running post natal pilates without him around. However the baby was amazing, she ended up coming to all 3 classes. She slept in her sling for most of the first session, then slept a bit of the second and played/had cuddles and finally came to the gym for Step Aerobics as Daddy was stuck in traffic! Not many babes get to as many classes as she does.


And my concerns about Post Natal Pilates were unfounded, it rocked today. It was a lot of fun. We only had 4 mums today, 3 of the lovely ladies who have been coming for months and have slightly older babes who tend to amuse themselves now, so we put them on a large playmat in the room.

Then it was lovely to welcome a new mum with an 8 week old baby who sat in his car seat, looking generally gorgeous and made us all broody. The babies were all stars and they actually seemed to enjoy watching the mums, the older ones spent quite a bit of time staring at me, the funny looking woman doing strange things with her arms and legs! What was even lovelier was hanging out with some of the mums at the end for a cuppa, sharing news and tips. I really do love teaching this class.

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