You can buy our Normal Pilates, Pregnancy Pilates and Postnatal Pilates DVDs here. All 3 DVDs feature Priya talking you through the exercises.

Beginners/Mixed Ability Pilates DVD:

This DVD is a must have if you want to get toned, strong abdominals. The exercises are designed to help with lower back pain and conditions such as sciatica. Priya teaches over 10 classes a week and works on a one to one basis with clients too, with great results. Now you can have her expertise in your own home!

Why buy this over other DVDs? Pilates is based on physiotherapy style exercises that really work to correct postural and muscular imbalances. Pilates is used by many top sports athletes to get the strength they need, it provides a whole body workout using your own bodyweight as resistance. Being low impact is is suitable for all types of people.

The DVD is 45 minutes in length divided into 3 sections, so you can choose to do a whole class or just a 10-15 minute section.
Designed for beginners and those with some previous Pilates experience, there are different levels for the exercises and Priya demonstrates each one.

Here is an example clip:

Normal Price £12.50 per DVD plus P&P (UK mainland only, please contact us for other postage rates).

From Bump to Birth – Antenatal Pilates DVD:

Designed for use in pregnancy, this DVD will strengthen your core as well as the thighs and bum, helping to keep the pelvis stable and the body fit and strong. The exercises have been specially chosen to help protect against and lessen the effects of pelvic girdle pain and to keep the core in shape so reducing lower back pain, sciatica, leg aches and other pregnancy related issues. By focusing on the pelvic floor muscles it will also help with pelvic floor issues. This DVD is suitable for use through all 3 trimester of pregnancy and will help you prepare for labour through the use of the breathing and Pilates techniques.

This DVD is unique as it was filmed whilst Priya herself was pregnant. Priya has first hand experience of how Pilates can help as she has used it herself throughout 2 pregnancies, 2 births and to recover post-natally. As a firm believer in the need for pregnant women to keep active, Priya set up her classes in January 2011 and has since worked with well over 200 pregnant ladies and is known as an expert in her field with midwifes referring to her and writing articles for fitness professional newsletters.

Read a review of the DVD here.

Length: 55 minutes. Include sections on the ball (can also use a chair), stood, in hands and knees and side lying.


£15.00 per DVD plus P&P (UK mainland only, please contact us for other postage rates).


Beyond Your Bump – PostNatal Pilates DVD:

 This DVD was filmed when Priya was 20 week postnatal herself after baby 2. The exercises are designed to help tummy muscles come back together (Diastasis Recti), to tone the tummy, strengthen the bum, thighs and legs, aid recovery from pelvic girdle pain and correct your posture. All of this whilst ensuring you get a good work out in the areas your body needs it.

Priya is a ante/postnatal Pilates Specialist, having worked with over 100 women after the birth of their babies she now shares not only the exercises you need to be doing but also top tips and advice.

Nominated for a FitPro Award of Excellence because of her dedication in this area, Priya has used all these exercises herself post-baby, so you can be sure they work.

Includes lying, prone, side lying, hands and knees, seated and stood exercises. Each section can be done on it’s own given you the choice to tailor make your workout.