Bank Holiday and I’m missing Pilates.

So the past 2 weeks has had rather a lot of bank holidays leading to lots of people being away and lots of cancelled classes. Also a bout of sickness meant both my post natal pilates class was cancelled and one of my regular one to one clients had to cancel her session. It’s therefore been a very odd week with no pilates being taught in my little studio. However it has meant I’ve had more of a chance to do Pilates myself as well as some dance practise, which has been just so enjoyable. Personally I find Pilates refreshes me, strengthens me and challenges me yet leaves me more relaxed and ready to face the world than when I started. It’s a great way to exercise, listen to some great music and unwind all at the same time. Dancing is a little more energetic if you are me and is something I do as part of worship. It helps me express what is inside of me. Having said that I love any form of dancing and movement.Thinking about movement, Saturday morning saw my first return to an aerobics class (by that I mean one not taught by myself!).  Usually I can’t leave the baby on a weekend but had a window of opportunity….it gave me great pleasure to find I can still more than keep up with a fast paced class taught by a good instructor, my fitness levels seem to be back up to their normal levels. I’ve also managed to fit in 2 runs, 1 with the baby in her pram, our first run together…she slept, I ran, it was all good. The second a slightly faster paced version minus pram and baby on Good Friday. It was lovely running in the early morning, watching all the other runners out in the park and  enjoying the beauty of the trees and river.

So what have you been up to over the bank holidays?

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  1. Hi
    I would really love to find a regular pilates/exercise class in the Bitterne Park area, but can’t do Mondays at the current time as I don’t get in from work until after 7pm usually.
    You posted a message back in April about starting a new class – I’m up for it but won’t be able to do Thurs eve alas from July, again due to work 🙁 Weds daytime or early eve, Thurs am, good! I appreciate you wouldn’t be able to fit a class just around me, but thought I’d let you know I’m v keen in case there are any possibilities +/or you have other people interested + free at same times.

    Many thanks for considering!

    ps I have done pilates before after 2 of my pregnancies, + I have a neighbour/friend who would be keen too!

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