Back to Basics

So the new classes have started off really well. 7 new people have come along to try out Pilates along with some old faces who have done it before. It’s always a bit nerve wracking teaching new people, wondering if they will like it, what their style is and what their capabilities are. Wanting to push them not too hard but just hard enough. Hopefully I will get to know the new people over the next few weeks and help them fall in love with Pilates.


Teaching new people has made me go all the way back to the basics of Pilates  and its been a good reminder on how much there is to remember and do for each exercise – the breathing, the posture, the movement, the muscles to tense, the muscle to relax, the muscles to notice working. Somehow after a while this all becomes second nature but there is also always improvement to make. I’m finding that with my teaching technique, the longer I teach for the more aware I become of how people’s bodies move, what needs correcting and how to talk through exercises. It also makes me go back to doing some of the basic exercises in preparation for the class, I like to remind myself of how the exercises feel by doing them. Some things like simple knee folds and the star are basic exercises but still challenging if done correctly, the joy of a good Pilates class, everyone can join in at their own level.

As for me, I’m working on my Teaser at present….it’s flipping hard work!

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