Holistic Core Restore® Zen Woman

Zen Woman® is a 7 week course to help you make yourself a priority. Many women struggle to achieve a work/life balance, juggling the demands of a family, building a career, homelife and feeling always overwhelmed and worn out. If you are always feeling exhausted, anxious and overwhelmed with no time for you, then meditation and mindfulness can help you re-set your nervous system and find new ways to cope.

You may have downloaded a meditation app in the hope of disconnecting and chilling out, but listening to a script is only a small part of an effective mindfulness practice. You need to learn, develop, and nurture all areas of your self-care.

With this new 7 week programme the aim is to make YOU a priority, creating a habit of self care that benefits not only themselves but those they care for, work with and live with too!

Who is this programme for? 

This 7 week programme is for ladies who are interested in

  • Being more accepting of who you are?
  • Feeling calmer and more connected to the world?
  • Appreciating the world around you?
  • Finding ways to deal with anger/anxiety or historic trauma?
  • Developing a more positive mindset?
  • Potential weight loss due to mindful eating?
  • Being more ‘present’ in the life you lead?
  • Finding more happiness in everyday life?
  • Losing the sense of guilt when taking time for yourself?

What’s involved? 

This is a beginners mindfulness, meditation and gratitude programme, we will meet once a week, for 7 weeks, via Zoom for a ‘live’ coach led session – these sessions will be approximately 35-45 minutes long. Do not worry, we start small and build up the meditation practise. If you have never got on with meditation, we go through a different type each week to help you find the best fit for you.

You will receive an education booklet and journal in week one which will guide you through your weekly at home meditation, mindfulness tasks and daily gratitude.

In addition to this each week you will be sent an email from creator Jenny Burrell containing a recorded version of the week’s meditation and other videos, articles or links relevant to the weekly themes or to further enhance your knowledge, understanding and skills.

You will be supported by me via a WhatsApp group. 

Next group sessions commence 

  • Sunday 13th June 8pm

Cost £70

Zen Woman®

A 7 week meditation and mindfulness course for women