We have in studio spaces or online spaces in our classes plus they are all recorded for you to do in your own time or so you can do more than one a week for the same price!

Prior to joining a regular class, you may need to either attend an Induction Class depending on your previous experience. This can be done by booking an induction online or Priya has some induction videos on youtube channel:

It is important to learn the basics of Pilates first and our induction session enable the teachers to assess your body and give you extra support. If you would like a 1-1 induction please book here.

Schedule Appointment

Due to needing to health screen and plan spaces need to be prebooked.

If you would like to sign up for our Studio Monthly Membership at £37.50 a month you will be assigned to a class, that you can attend via Zoom. Through our facebook group you can then also see all the other classes that are suitable for you giving you a large range of sessions you can do on catch-up too.



Mondays 9.30-10.15hrs Gentle Pilates and Postnatal (with Priya), £10/class PAYG, or paid monthly £37.50. Read more….

An introduction to Pilates, the core muscles, breathing technique and basic exercises. This class is aimed rehabilataion post-baby, and keeping your body mobile and strong throughout life. Adaptations always available for any problems. Great if you need to rehabilitate or need a gentler class. 

[showmore]Mondays 18:45-19:30hrs Advanced (with Priya), £9/class PAYG, or paid monthly £37.50. Read more….

This is a class for those who have a higher level  of pilates. Exercies are designed to be more challenging and the pace is faster in this session. This is a class to challenge you and is usually full of much laughter.


Tuesdays Pre-recorded Ante-Natal Class (with Priya)  paid monthly £37.50. Read more….

This is a weekly pre-recorded session for you to do in your own time (note in the whatsapp group when you haev done it!). Priya gives a focus each class on an area of pregnancy with some educationsl tips too of things to do at home to help.

Pilates can help you through your pregnancy, strengthening your core so keeping those tummy muscles firmer for longer and helping with pelvic floor as well as back problems and balance. 

[showmore]Tuesdays 19:30-20:00hrs Beginners/Improvers (with Mandie), £10/class, or paid monthly £37.50. Read more….

A beginners/improvers Pilates class where exercises will be tailored to those attending sessions. Classes are purposefully kept small so there is plenty of time to ask questions and check you are getting the correct technique for the exercises.


Wednesdays 19:00-19.56hrs Beginners/Improvers, (with Alex) £10/class, or paid monthly £37.50. Read more….

Taught by Alex. For those newer to Pilates, this is about learning the basic principles and practising getting the techniques right before moving to the more advanced exercises. An ideal class to start in.

Wednesdays 20.00-20:45hrs Mixed Ability (with Mandie), £10/class, or paid monthly £37.50. Read more….

Taught by Mandie. An ideal class to move into, working with those who have got previous experience in Pilates. Expect to work your gluts, get some great stretching and have a giggle


Thursdays 18.00-18:45hrs Beginners/Improvers (with Suzanne), £10/class, or paid monthly £37.50.  Read more….

This lower level class goes at a slower pace, with time to focus on technique. Faye will push you to improve your Pilates and core strength week after week, but we also have time for laughter and chatter.

Thursdays 19:00-19:45hrs Improvers (with Priya), £10/class,  or paid monthly £37.50. Read more….

This Improvers’ class goes at a medium pace, with time to focus on technique. Revisiting the basics often and taking time to listen to our bodies as well as there being time for a lot of laughter in this specific class!

[showmore]Thursdays 20:00-20:45hrs Mixed/Advanced (Priya), £10/class,  or paid monthly £37.50. Read more….

Suitable for those with a good level of Pilates experience, you will be pushed and worked hard. Come after a busy day ready to unwind and destress whilst tone up and strengthen your body. Go home relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep 🙂


Fridays 09.30-10.15hrs Post-Natal Class for mums & babies, (with Priya)  £37.50 a month Read more….

Most suited to babies who are not yet crawling. Come expecting a little bit of mayhem! Mums are free to pop in and out of the session if babies need a mummy cuddle or a quick feed. It is all recorded so you can catch up on anything you miss. This is a rehabilitation class that gives mums a chance to tone up and strengthen their core muscles with babies still being present. Pelvic floor and diastasis recti issues catered for


Saturdays 09.15-10.00hrs Antenatal Class (with Priya) £37.50 paid monthly. Read more….
Pilates can help you through your pregnancy, strengthening your core so keeping those tummy muscles firmer for longer and helping with pelvic floor as well as back problems and balance. These classes help prepare you for birth using breathing and relaxation as well as strengthening the muscles you will need afterwards.


Sundays 09.15-10.00hrs lmprovers Class (with Alex) £10/class, or paid monthly £37.50. Read more….

For beginners and those with some pilates experience too, everyone will work at their own pace and level in this class, so multiple options will be given to help cater for the pilates newbies and the experts.