Terms & Conditions

1. Length of Contract

In the instance of a taster session, one to one session or one off payment session the contract period between Pilates with Priya and the client is limited to the length of that sole session, the client remits only for the cost of that class and has no liability for any extended period.
Where a month of classes has been booked the booking is made between Pilates with Priya and the client for that month only, classes are usually weekly but are not limited to this.

2. Payment for Classes

(a) Payment for sessions will be made at the beginning of each month, once payment has been made no refunds will be available, except at the discretion of Pilates with Priya.

(b) Payment for all blocks of classes will be made at the start of the month, by direct debit (we will send you the link to set this up via our software). If you have agreed to come onto a block of classes and confirmed this via email or by adding your name to the register you are liable to pay, even if you cannot attend at a later date. You may be able to transfer between classes.

(c) Absence Policy: If you are unable to make a class or have a holiday we can offer to swap you to another class within that month, however we do not offer refunds for missed classes. If you are unable to make any of the offered swap classes then the class will just be missed and the class fee forfeited.  If you are unable to attend your rescheduled class then no other alternatives will be offered. We do please need to know if you are unable to attend a class, we need to know where class spaces are to be able offer them as catch up and swaps for other people who miss a class.

3. Health and Suitability

Ultimate responsibility in assessing the suitability and safety of any class, session or exercise must rest upon the client. Pilates with Priya will endeavour to ensure the client has completed the relevant health questionnaire, if any questions have been answered “yes” the responsibility lies with the client to obtain any necessary professional approval for the suitability of any exercise regime undertaken. It is the responsibility of the client to update and inform Pilates with Priya of any changes in their specific or general health conditions that may or may not effect the suitability of any exercise regime entered in.

The general Pilates health questionnaire and the pregnancy health questionnaire can be completed online.

4. Cancellation Policy

(a) The studio operates a strict 48 hour notice of cancellation for taster sessions, one to one sessions and one off payment sessions otherwise full payment will be due.

(b) If you are unable to make a class and have not given mentioned this at the time of payment no refunds are available.


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