The Reformer and the Cadillac were developed by Joseph Pilates and use pulleys, springs and resistance to enhance your Pilates workout. The movements feel deeper, your can go further and your core strength will become stronger.

Reasons to take a Reformer/Cadillac session:

  • To refine your technique, the pilates equipment will show you where you need to adapt, which muscles you over recruit and which you need to use more. So when back on the mat your pilates is improved.
  • For rehabilitation. You can isolate muscle groups and focus on strengthening areas of the body or work on postural adaptations in order to help with injuries and pain.
  • The equipment can help you imcrease your range of movement in an exercise. This can help you improve when you go bacck to the mat.
  • To get faster results. Want to be stronger quick, the Pilates equipment will do that. Described by one person who came for a session as “Pilates on steroids”.
  • If you like to work hard then Pilates with resistance is probably going to be your thing!

Reformer March Offer


1-2-1  session 45 minutes £32.50

1-2-1 session 60 minutes £37.50

2-2-1 session 45 minutes £35 for 2 people

2-2-1  session 60 minutes £40 (£20 per person)


4 x 1-2-1 sessions (45 minutes) for £110

6 x 1-2-1 session and get a free 30 minute massage


“I have to say I really benefited from the trial reformer session with you Priya. Thank you 😊 Really eased some lower back tension and continues to do so. I can see how it would make a useful addition to my routine.”


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