Sports Massage is something that can benefit people from all walks of life, not just those who are sports people or athletes.

James is a highly skilled Sports Massage Therapist who will instantly put you at ease with his knowledge and calm manner. If you have never had a massage before then you will be in safe hands. A Sports Massage is less about relaxation and more about restoring function to your body. Those aches and pains that you have, those tight spots can all be worked on through a combination of massage techniques, release movements and stretches. 

Benefits include:
Stimulating blood flow to damaged muscles and tissues.
Helping the pores in tissues to open so lactic acid can leave, oxygen and nutrients can enter.
Breaking down scar tissue, this can be useful after an injury, an operation, a C-section and after trauma.
Stretching the tissues to keep them elastic.
Reduce tension, stress, anxiety, pain and release endorphin, to leave you feeling relaxed.

James is our Resident Soft Tissue Therapist.
Having trained via the LSSM (London School of Sports Massage), he gained his ISRM/BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Clinical Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy.
He is able to bring Practical Experience alongside Theoretical Knowledge to help you with your aches, pains and injuries. Also Fully Qualified Member of the ISRM (Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage).

He works closely alongside our Pilates Studio, offering massage to those coming to classes including our Pregnant & Post Natal ladies.

Initial Consultation (75m) £42,50 (If you are new to the Massage Studio, you will require an Initial Consultation)
60m Treatment £37,50
45m Treatment £32,50
30m Treatment £25,00
To enquire or book a massage please contact

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