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The major questions issues I come across in terms of Pelvic Floor Issues are – 

  1. How do I do a Kegel/Pelvic Floor contraction correctly?
  2. How often should I be doing them?
  3. How else can I strengthen my pelvic floor as those squeezes alone are not working.
  4. Is it normal to leak a little when I jump or sneeze?

If you resonate with any of those questions or know you need to work on your pelvic floor then this workshop will help you!

NEXT LIVE DATE  21st April 10.30-12.30pm

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Pelvic Floor issues are on the increase due to our lifestyle.

Poor posture, sitting, being less active all have an impact on our muscles, including the pelvic floor.
Here are some stats for you:

  • 30% of Post-Natal women suffer with some form of stress incontinence for up to 3 months after birth
  • 66% of women with pelvic floor dysfunction also have abdominal separation
  • 80% of women will suffer with some form of pelvic floor dysfunction in their lives (that’s all women, everywhere!)
  • In a recent study in America, they’re predicting that, if something isn’t done soon regarding educating women of all ages about effective pelvic floor exercise, the number of women suffering with pelvic floor dysfunction will increase from 28 million to between 43 and 58 million by the year 2050.That’s 50-100% more than the current figure.
  • In France, ladies after birth are given pelvic floor rehab classes as part of normal post natal treatment. Yet, in the UK it is pretty much not talked about.




What is it:

A 2.5 hour, interactive workshop, focusing on the pelvic floor, what it looks like, what it does, how it works, how to exercise it integrated into the whole body, how posture plays a major role, breathing and why we need a strong, but not too strong pelvic floor. It’s a lot in 2.5 hours so bring your brain!

The Practical:

Part of this session will involve practical exercises to try out there and then, so come prepared to take part. Nothing too scary I promise.


To takeaway:

You will get a takehome pack of exercises to do at home and will go away equipped with pelvic floor geekery.

A link to a video of the exercises to use at home.


“Being a midwife I felt I knew quite a lot about what a pelvic floor was and how it works. I regularly talk to my patients about the pelvic floor and about doing your exercises. I was really excited to go to this workshop and I wasn’t disappointed! For me it was a great reminder of the basics but I also learnt new things!! I loved learning about new ways of discussing and teaching the exercises.”
“This really is a fantastic workshop – you don’t need to be pregnant, post birth or in the medical profession to benefit from Priya’s well researched and fantastic advice. Full of lots of helpful hints, tips and techniques to get you thinking about your pelvic floor and how you can keep it strong for years to come. I can’t recommend it enough.”


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