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Priya is a Level 3 Pilates instructor and a specialist in antenatal (pregnancy) and postnatal Pilates. She teaches 3 pregnancy Pilates classes and 2 postnatal classes for mums and babies each week but that is only the start. Most of Priya’s specialist support occurs on a 1-2-1 basis where she can really get to understand your body and help you deal with any problems and to stay strong for your daily life.Examples of issues that Priya regularly helps people with: lower back pain, SPD, pelvic girdle pain, abdominal separation/diastasis recti, C section recovery and pelvic floor problems. Mum to 3 and having suffered with diastasis recti plus a weak pelvic floor after babies herself, Priya is a firm example of how to use Pilates throughout her pregnancy and to recover afterwards. She is now stronger than she was before babies!

With the usual specialist qualification in pre/postnatal fitness, Priya was not content and has gone on to study in more depth. Some of the courses she has done include:

MBodies “Healing exercises for C Section, Diastasis Recti and Pubis Symphysis”,
Burrell Education “Advanced CPD in Modern postnatal assessment, core restore and functional exercise programming”.
Burrell Education “Modern Pregnancy functional exercise programming.
Sarah Duvall “Finding your Foundation Pelvic floor course”
Sarah Duvall “Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist”
UK Hypopressives Level 1This has given her a wealth of knowledge that probably makes one of the most qualifed and knowledgable pre/postnatal teacher in the area. Other instructors, midwifes and GP’s now refer people to Priya and come to her for training and advice.

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Why do Pilates?

Pilates can help reduce the aches and pains of pregnancy such as lower back pain and pelvis issues such as SPD. It will keep you toned and prepares you for everyday mummy activities such as lifting, carrying, feeding and rotating. Posture is very important, Pilates can help show you which part of your posture you need to focus on (often shoulders), release tight areas (often hamstrings) and strengthen weak areas (for example gluts). Our classes will of course also help strengthen your pelvic floors and core.

Priya is passionate about helping more mums and mums to be stay fit and strong throughout pregnancy and recover post-birth, hence you will find articles on all kinds of pregnancy and post-birth issues on our blog.

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